About The Upshot

The Upshot is an email newsletter which pulls back the curtain on your favourite sports and dives into all the stuff BBC and Sky wouldn’t touch with a bargepole: drunken antics, dressing room squabbles and the simmering sexual tension of the French football team.

Every Friday we send over 100,000 subscribers a 3-minute digest of the funniest stories in sport, with our Gold members receiving a further two editions of The Upshot every week.

We started in 2020 to give British sports fans some respite from bland pundits and the inane wittering of commentators. Armed with a transfer war chest thanks to a recent injection of investment, we are aggressively growing our audience and building a sports media company which celebrates the lighter side of sport.

Unlike other publishers, The Upshot primarily makes money from paying subscriptions. We are freed from the depressing demands of online content farms, where writers hastily churn out dross for websites caked in annoying adverts. Our focus is serving up quality stories to real, paying fans.

The Upshot was founded by Jack Rivlin, a former Evening Standard news reporter who previously founded The Tab, a student news network backed by £7 million in investment. He sold the business in 2020.